Tuesday, October 21, 2008

[Guess I'll just keep on, until I reach the sea]

Our one year anniversary was today. I wore my veil for more than a few hours; I may be still be wearing it now... it's pretty. We celebrated over the weekend with piles of blankets and kisses, drank so much tea, and watched five movies. We have nearly the entire week to ourselves and I'm excited about it.

The last month has been stressful. Too many people and babies in the house. Winter is supposed to save me and its complete lack of help has only made me more depressed and despondent. Today makes me feel like I need to do all sorts of things but I'm not sure any of this will carry. for now I am counting on caramel, the many forms of apples, and love. Probably pajamas too, if I really think about it. And for now maybe this veil.
A couple photos. You know, we're the only ones around so it's always the one arm out sort of thing. Fancy, basically.



Tuesday, October 7, 2008


I am counting on October for everything. Crunchy, orange leaves ought to do it, no?
I collected handfuls of leaves to bring back to Tyler

"these are the ones I like the best, the ones that remind me of you"

He keeps them in public places, and lately I blush.