Sunday, December 28, 2008

[even mollusks have weddings]

Christmas was nice and nice. It was good seeing my siblings. Especially the ones that are living far away and that I miss on a regular basis. I have been sick since the 21st and have been abstaining perfectly from all alcohol, it's been a little hard with all the holiday happenings but I really want to feel better. Tyler's had the week off and we've done little else than shopping, eating, kissing, and watching tv. Thank God for netflix.

Tyler's been so perfect to lately. I've still been so weepy and anxious, it's important to know I can always completely count on him.
Speaking of, how long is this new medication going to take to work? I am two months in and not feeling any less depressed. I am still unmotivated, weepy, manic-anxious, overwhelmed and apathetic. Perhaps three or four months on this script will prove hopeful. It worked many years ago... shouldn't it work again? My dr thinks I have high expectations...

I find out in a week about my fertility, snow postponed my previous appointment.

It isn't snowy at all anymore (le sigh).

today we went to the airport and I exchanged some dollars for yen. we are adventurous.