Tuesday, November 10, 2009

[just keep swinging 'till you're over it]

just touching down again. Still kicking and such. still computerless, getting rid of my fancy internet phone because Lord, it is too much money. I have no money. But it's fall/winter in seattle and everything is so soggy and the leaves are all bright and they fall like snow when the wind bustles in. James picks out the best leaves for me and puts them in my hair and then touches my face with his hands, frames it almost, and kisses me. Daily. We eat a lot of warm home made food and sleep restfully, taking turns, in each others beds. We do not get sick. I barely get sad. my nose is always runny after being outside and when I am sad, it is okay and safe and I am never stupid. Everything is real and careful and good.
And I can't think of a more succinct way to tell you that I am simply happy.

(hopefully I will be back to reading/writing soon... and laptop is in my future)