Tuesday, August 4, 2009


I've been meaning to write but my life is still in Transition and sometimes simple things become very complicated. Like real computers, with keyboards...

I want to first tell you something very important:
I Love my body. (!)
It is a good body, it has persevered, and I want to care for it. It only took me twenty three years to be able to say this with genuine feeling and honesty, knowing every extent of the phrase. I want to Love it more too and I will. Being away from Tyler, this fresh air surrounding me, it's a little dizzying but beautiful and I am finally allowed to feel however I want without someone important to me passively disagreeing. I feel very about this, very sure. It is a life altering revelation and I've sort of been discovering it over these last three weeks.

My apartment stuff is taking extraordinarily longer than expected. I'd better be in next week or I might cry. I am too excited and impatient for waiting any longer. I already bought new curtains and garbage cans for goodness sake. I'm ready!

Also, before I forget, Gaelyn and Trevor (her man), and Martha, and I all drove up to Anacortes and saw Bowerbirds and MegaFaun and by some wild fluke, only about 15 people came. It was a very intimate, beautiful show. They played together a lot and had everyone sing along. Afterward we all hung out and chatted and played some instruments and had a wonderful time. Magical in every single sense. It only could have been better if David Bazan were there.